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Services & Pricing

If you have any questions about the services or pricing below, please feel free to reach out. Bulk Rates are also available. 

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Social Media Marketing

We start by making a strategy with what you would like to achieve through social media marketing and what caters to your brand. Then each month, you will receive a content calendar with every piece of content that will go out on your page. I will also be giving suggestions for real-time content and requesting photos and video so your content is as customized and branded as possible. I will also be monitoring your social media 24/7 ad will update you with any questions or comments that need your attention. I also recommend running targeted ads to enhance the growth of your audience. 

Packages starting at $699

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Graphic Design

We would first have a consult on the desired project. Then I will begin and keep you up to date on my progress. 

Listed below are examples of potential design projects.

  • logos

  • flyers

  • stationery 

  • invitations

  • social media bundles

  • apparel designs

  • billboards

  • newsletters

  • presentations

  • brochures

  • letterheads

  • business cards

  • resume designs

Prices vary based on each project. 

Commercial Photography

We would start by having a quick conversation of what you would like photographed in your business. Once the photos have been taken, you will receive all the photos back in high-resolution and will obtain all commercial rights. 

Listed below are examples of what photos can be taken in a commercial shoot.

  • headshots

  • photos of the entire facility

  • action shots of staff working

  • group staff photos

  • product shots

Packages starting at $250

Branding Consultations

We would first start by you telling me what you would like to achieve through marketing. Whether its growing your audience or selling more of a product, we will create a plan that will help you achive your goals. I will also create monthly and quarterly goals and check in to make sure our strategy is successful. 

Listed below are examples of topics that can be discussed during a consult. 

  • social media marketing strategies

  • marketing review and critique

  • photography lessons 

  • photography review and critique

  • adobe editing

  • re-branding your business

  • traditional marketing strategies

Consultations are $100/hour

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