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Hi! I'm Jenna!

Wife. Mom. Boss.

My name is Jenna McCarty and I am the owner of Jenna Rae LLC. 

Here are a few fun facts about me!

  • My parents (Santa) bought my first camera in 2010

  • I have had a photography business for the past 10 years

  • I have a BA in Graphic Design

  • I have been working in social media marketing for almost 5 years

  • I am a member of the Chamber of Commerce in my area. 

  • I have a beautiful 4-year-old named Reese Jordyn.

  • I have a loving husband, whom I have been with since 2011. 

  • I have a 4-pound Yorkie named Thor.

  • I love to play softball.

  • Family means everything to me. 

  • I want to show my daughter she can do whatever she puts her mind to.

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Touching Lives

"I love what you do for us. I believe it works for our promotion and branding, including hiring,  showing what TC and Inferno are about with our mission, vision, and values.  The content is always relevant, on point, and fresh to maintain our draw and interest.  Also, you are always available and responsive to requests and work well with our people.  Additionally, the year in review meeting to cover our social media performance and well as your performance and asking for feedback is well received.  I genuinely believe that the service you have provided Thompson Concrete has helped us touch the lives of our employees, families, clients, and fans to spread what we are about and promote the understanding that for us, it is more than just concrete. Still, it is about our people, our family."

Brad Thompson

Thompson Concrete

Let’s Start Working Together!

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